Hydrolab – Mechanical filtration


Mechanical filtration, also known as preliminary filtration, is the oldest method of water purification. It is the first essential element of water treatment. Mechanical filtration is to remove all suspensions and solids from water. This process protects other devices that treat water and installations against silting and mechanical damage. Pre-filtration prepares tap water for the softening process, iron removal, reverse osmosis or UV lamps. Pre-treatment has a great impact on the quality of reverse osmosis module operation. (Fig. 1) Inadequate initial preparation of the liquid for the reverse osmosis process will result in poorer efficiency and shorter module operation time, which also results in higher device operation costs. [1]


Fig.1. Impact of pre-treatment on the quality of reverse osmosis module work: [1]

1 – correct initial cleaning
2 – incorrect pre-treatment
3 – partial pre-treatment

The filtration efficiency depends on the type of sludge module used for the quality of treated water. It is made of a mesh, string or foam polypropylene insert and a housing. Stops all kinds of mechanical impurities, such as: sand, silt, rust with grain thickness from 100 μm to 1 μm.

The service life of sediment modules depends on the type of contamination and is from 3 to 6 months.

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