GRANT ap360 Air Purifier - Luftrenare

ap360 Air Purifier – Luftrenare


GRANT ap360 Air Purifier – Luftrenare

Powerful Air Purification

The new generation air purifier from Grant is here.

Learn more below.

Read more about air purifier killing Covid-19 under the tab ”Dokument” (Läs mer om luftrenare för att döda Covid-19 virus under fliken dokument).

Meet the ap360

Based on Grant Instruments core strengths and expertise in heating and cooling, we bring you our new high-performance air purifier for clinical markets and businesses. The ap360 kills 99.95 % of known viruses and bacteria up to 280 J/m² and will recycle a 90 m³ room four times in an hour, maximising air quality and combating the risks of dangerous pathogens.



Using our technological know-how and nearly 70 years of temperature control expertise, we developed a powerful air purifier for clinical and business settings. With digital display, energy efficiency and a modern design, the ap360 brings you all you need for fast and effective air purification.

Like no other

Our new powerful air purifier was created with a 360° air intake, drawing in unclean air, through a EN1822 standard HEPA 13 certified filter to stop concentrated pollutants. The unit offers complete air purification against airborne microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, and fungal spores), gaseous contaminants, dust, pollen, allergen and dust mites through high air flow. UVC lights destroy viruses and bacteria by damaging their RNA and DNA, the UV radiations kill germs, microbes, fungi, and bacteria, effectively sterilising your air.

Made with you in mind

We understand the needs of our customers and driven by demand and backed by a recently published journal [ How can airborne transmission of COVID-19 indoors be minimised? ] we have developed the new ap360 to meet the increased clinical and business market needs for cleaner air. Our high performance ap360 has been designed to help many industries, take a look below at just a few that we can help.

  • Laboratories
  • Dentists
  • Doctors
  • Ophthalmologists
  • Chiropodists
  • Care homes
  • Universities
  • And many more

Talk to us about your needs

Register your details today and we’ll get in touch to chat about how we can help you with your specific air hygiene requirements.

Performance Size Sustainable
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 360 m³ per hour 350mm(w) x 350mm(d) x 900mm(h) Ozone free
H13 HEPA filter Efficiency 99.95%
360° air intake Low power


Application Area Warranty Display
90 m³ for 4x per hour air change (i.e. one device per a typical 6m x 6m x 2.5m room) 2 Years LCD – 2 – 16 characters LCD
Up to 5 years available
ap360 Air Purifier and Virus killer
Killing COVID-19 in indoor Air
ap360 Product Datasheet





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