Climatic chambers with phytotron system (*/FIT option)

FIT D – Climatic chambers with lamps installed in the door
FIT S – Climatic chambers with lamps installed in the side walls
FIT DS – Climatic chambers with lamps installed in the door and side walls

Climatic chambers equipped with phytotron system can control temperature and humidity, as well as light intensity to simulate day and night conditions. Standard light colour is 840 type and the tubes can be installed in the door, side walls or over-shelf panels.

There are also special LED panels designed for plant growing. As most plants use only a part of the sunlight emission, narrow spectrum and specific colours have been used. A and B chlorophyll absorbance maxima are blue and red colour. Chlorophyll absorbs most energy and strongly influences photosynthesis at blue colour spectrum which intensifies growth. Red and far red colours (619-720nm wave length) stimulate blooming and proliferation.

FIT P – version
FIT P LED – version
LED White – version

Available light tubes:

Available LED modules:

Light intensity:

50 cm below light source – 165 [umol/m s]*25 cm below light source – 230 [umol/m s]*Optimal distance: 50cm.* to configure multiple: 2 modules of far red and 1 blue recommended

FIT P version

Climatic chambers with over-shelf panels with light. Depending on the model, there can be between 1 and 3 panels inside the chamber (standard light colour: 840 daylight). The FIT P version includes 1 over-shelf panel and sockets to allow installation of extra panels if required (to be ordered separately). The FIT/R3 option allows to control the light intensity separately for each panel.


FIT P LED version

The user can choose the light colour and intensity for each program segment. The colour modules can be combined, e.g. far red with blue. Dimming allows to set the required level of intensity. This flexibility provides specific light selection for each plant. The LED modules are long-life – after 25000 operating hours they still feature 90% of the nominal efficiency. The unique optics ensures uniform light distribution for each plant. The LED technology also emits very little heat which helps maintain precise temperature inside the chamber.

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