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LS 700 – LaboratorieSkak

Laboratory shakers LS series, have been designed to fit inside cooled incubators (ILW range).

Main advantages of LS laboratory shakers:

  • orbital movement
  • microprocessor control of rotation and time
  • orbital diameter: 5 mm
  • max shaking weight: 10 kg
  • variable speed control: 30…300 rpm
  • shaking mode: from 1 min to 99 h, or continuous operation
  • LCD digital display
  • anti-skid mat (option)
  • various shaking tables
  • can be located inside cooled incubators


Professional POL-EKO LS Orbital Laboratory Shakers:


Shakers are essential devices used in various fields of science and industry. The proper selection of a shaker can significantly impact the effectiveness of sample mixing, suspension creation, and other laboratory operations. We present the advantages and applications of POL-EKO LS laboratory shakers, one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality laboratory equipment in Poland.

LS shakers are used in various fields, such as chemistry, biology, biochemistry, medicine, pharmaceuticals, as well as the food and cosmetic industries. Their main task is to enable gentle shaking or mixing in a way that ensures the achievement of a uniform consistency. This is important, especially when research or production results need to be precise and repeatable.

Appropriate laboratory shakers performing various tasks are essential in both small and large laboratories. Therefore, choosing the right shaker is crucial for effective work. Before making a purchase, it is worth paying attention to several key features, such as the type of shaker, the type of shaking, the shaker’s operating time, speed control, the types of tasks performed, and durability.

POL-EKO LS shakers offer a wide range of available platforms for mounting various types of containers. In our continuous offering, we have orbital shakers in four different sizes. The orbital shaker is characterized by orbital motion ranging from 30 to 300 rpm, allowing effective mixing in various laboratory containers.


Laboratory Shaker with Incubation?

Each POL-EKO LS orbital shaker allows mixing substances under strictly defined thermal conditions. This is possible by placing the device in a ILW laboratory incubator series. Depending on the size, the LS shaker is placed in the incubator, which can also be equipped with internal power sockets and lighting (necessary for, e.g., algae cultivation).

It is also worth mentioning that both the incubator and the shaker are programmable devices, and this basic and essential function allows users to set their shaking parameters (as well as temperature and lighting in the incubator), increasing flexibility in performing laboratory work.

Reliable Orbital Laboratory Shakers

The reliability of POL-EKO LS laboratory shakers is another important advantage. Their solid construction and high-quality materials guarantee long lifespan and reliability, which is extremely important in intensive scientific research or daily production. Our devices are suitable for mixing various media in a programmed time: it is possible to set the working time: 1 minute to 99 hours or continuous operation. Additionally, LS is a programmable shaker in terms of revolutions per minute; depending on the model, you can program the time and revolutions from 30 to 300 (500) rpm.

What Are LS Orbital Shakers Used for in the Laboratory?

Preparing suspensions or mixing liquids requires precision and speed control. POL-EKO LS laboratory shakers allow precise control of the mixing speed, which is crucial for achieving uniform distribution of components.

Effective mixing of samples makes it possible to obtain repeatable research results and avoid potential production errors. POL-EKO LS laboratory shakers are designed to ensure efficient mixing, which is crucial in many applications.

POL-EKO LS laboratory shakers are professional devices that enable precise and effective sample mixing. Thanks to the wide range of available models, laboratories and businesses can choose the right shaker to meet their needs.

Choosing the Right Laboratory Shaker? Our Specialists Are at Your Service.

Choosing the right laboratory shaker can be a crucial step in ensuring effective and precise sample mixing and achieving the desired research results, as performed by pharmaceutical laboratories, biotechnological laboratories, or biological laboratories. Fortunately, our specialists are always ready to provide support and assistance in making the right choice. Taking into account the individual needs and requirements of our customers. Our specialists will help you find the best solution that meets your expectations. We offer a wide range of laboratory shakers, and our experience allows us to offer equipment of the highest quality, which is not only reliable but also efficient and easy to use. Consult with our experts, and we will provide support at every stage of the selection process to tailor the shaker to your laboratory’s specific needs.


Accessories — Platforms and Holders

A wide range of available accessories makes the laboratory shaker suitable for performing many different tasks with a single device.

Available accessories:

Anti-skid mat

Order number: LS */MA *

Anti-skid mat for LS laboratory shaker

Universal platform

Order number: LS */PL *.1

Universal platform for various kinds of vessels, with 4 roller clamp

Platform for fixing flasks handles

Order number: LS */PL *.2

Platform for fixing flasks handles, suitable for flasks of the following capacities: 25ml, 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, the handles shall be ordered separately

Platform for shaking Petri plates

Order number: LS */PL *.3

Platform for shaking Petri plates, bacteria culture flasks and other vessels of low centre of gravity


Platform for separator funnels

Order number: LS */PL *.4

Platform for separator funnels with 3 roller clamps for shaking, salting, extraction and concentration

Handle for Erlenmeyer flask

Order number: LS/U*

Handle for Erlenmeyer flask 1 pc.: 25ml, 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml

Stand for test-tubes

Order number: LS/SP.1

Stand for test-tubes, diameter adjusted to customer’s needs

Technical data

controller microprocessor
display LCD
housing powder coated sheet
overall dims [mm]
width A 700
height B 120 | 220*
depth C 420
weight [kg] 25
operating temperature [°C] +10…+40
humidity during operation [%] < 70
is compatible with the model ILW 400
movement type orbital
speed range [rpm] 30…300
setting accuracy [rpm] 10
amplitude [mm] 5 or 12,5 (to be selected when placing an order)
max. load capacity [kg] 10
working time regulation 1min…99h or continuous operation
voltage** 230 V 50 Hz
nominal power [W] 60
warranty 24 months
manufacturer POL-EKO

* height without / with platform

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