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epT.I.P.S. PipetteTips—Eppendorf Totally Integrated Pipetting System—the perfect combination with Eppendorf pipettes, resulting in reduced-force tip attachment and ejection with complete sealing.

For epT.I.P.S. – the original Eppendorf ”Totally Integrated Pipetting System” – the tips are optimally coordinated to Eppendorf pipettes and, of course, meet EN ISO 8655 requirements. This has resulted in minimal attachment and ejection forces with the highest level of tightness. epT.I.P.S. pipette tips can be used with pipettes from other manufacturers. Optimal wetting properties, high transparency and special, certified purity grades are the visible expression of our product and production philosophy.

Premium Quality is our Standard

Each of your valuable samples deserves the best treatment. See for yourself how Eppendorf pipette tips will save time and reduce costs.
With respect to material, fit, design and operating forces our pipette tips set new standards. The close environment of each sample should be adapted to its specific quality and purity needs. This can involve a specific purity level or the absence of certain substances, but also stability, reliability or geometry. The epT.I.P.S. pipette tips from Eppendorf are designed to cover all of the specific needs of your samples.

Our Eppendorf Totally Integrated Pipetting System – epT.I.P.S. pipette tips – have been developed to work in perfect combination with our pipettes. The results are reduced-force tip attachment and ejection with complete sealing. Additionally, the universal nose cone desighn allows the tips to be used with pipettes from other manufacturers.
In the Eppendorf owned production facilities in the north of Germany, we can maintain the highest standards in the selection and processing of plastic materials. Ideal wetting properties, high transparency and special certified purity levels are the visible expression of this production philosophy.
Every tip is manufactured to match specifically to its respective Eppendorf pipettes, thus ensuring the maximum prescision and reliability you have come to expect and to rely on.

How can you recognize original eppendorf pipette tips?

The unmistakable feature of our tips is the ”ring” of drop-shaped relief elements of the edge of the tip crown. Additionally, every tip has the ”Eppendorf” name embossed on the edge.


Brochure – Peak of Perfection
Compatibility of epT.I.P.S.® 5 mL and 5 mL L Pipette Tips with Different Vessel Types
Eppendorf Purity Grades Selection Guide
Form Follows Function
Modern Design – Less Plastic
New Racks – Improved Sustainability
Eppendorf produktkatalog


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