Capp – CAPP Sharp Reagent Reservoirs

Sharp Reagent Reservoirs

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Capp – CAPP Sharp Reagent Reservoirs

Capp’s new sterile, disposable reagent reservoirs assist you to be more efficient in your manual liquid handling workflows. The new Capp Sharp Reagent Reservoirs ensure quick work of liquid transfer, whether you are working on ELISA, PCR, or any other suitable protocol.

Constructed from our unique blend of virgin polystyrene, the new reagent reservoirs have a high degree of chemical stability. The material construction allows for a greater range of reagent compatibility across various protocols, and follows Capp’s promise of robust laboratory equipment.

The reservoirs feature an angled interior, which maximizes sample withdrawal during pipetting, whilst also reducing dead volume. This significantly decreases any wastage of precious reagents and sample volume. Each interior slope also features accurate, indelible graduations that give the user clear visibility of reagent volumes from any angle.

With four conveniently located pour spouts, all corners of the reagent reservoir can be used to empty excess liquid for storage. Each spout is crafted to reduce spillage during liquid discharge.

The functional ridge design of Capp Sharp Reagent Reservoirs enables stacking; minimizing the space used during storage. When stacked, the lip at the base of each reagent reservoir serves as a tab for easy separation.

Cat. No. Description
CA40515 Capp Sharp reagent reservoir 10 mL, bulk, 5×100 pcs.
CA40516 Capp Sharp reagent reservoir 10 mL, individually wrapped, sterile, 50 pcs.
CA40520 Capp Sharp reagent reservoir 25 mL, bulk 5×100 pcs.
CA40521 Capp Sharp reagent reservoir 25 mL, individually wrapped, sterile, 50 pcs.
CA40525 Capp Sharp reagent reservoir 50 mL, bulk, 5×100 pcs.
CA40526 Capp Sharp reagent reservoir 50 mL, individually wrapped, sterile, 50 pcs.


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