DW-60W138, Biomedical Freezer, -60℃, 138 Liter

Biomedical Freezer, -60℃, 138 Liter


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DW-60W138, Biomedical Freezer, -60℃, 138 Liter

A versatile low-temperature freezer installed in hospitals, blood stations, diseases control & prevention centers, research institutions, bioscience laboratories and medical laboratories. It is suitable for storing a wide variety of biological products including viruses, bacteria, red blood cells, white blood cells, skin, bone and semen as well as ocean-going supplies and electronic devices. It can also provide a low-temperature environment for testing of special materials.

The secondary application is for the storage of fishery products such as tuna, Australian lobster, salmon, South American shrimps, Argentina red shrimp, top-quality beef, kanpachi, octopus, yellowtail, bonito fish,grouper, and fugu rubripes. This is a requirement for fishery products for human consumption and hence these freezers are popular among professional oceanic fisherman, seafood distributors, speciality seafood stores and sushi restaurants and commercial food manufacturers.

Product Features

Quickly freeze sea food products to retain their original taste, structure and freshness.

Low noise output, noise cancelling technology yields a smoother operation and a sound level of less than 43dB(A).

Multiple alarm system includes temperature alarm, and sensor error alarm.

HC refrigerant system is optimized to improve refrigeration efficiency by 30 %, and save energy by about 50%.

Model Cabinet Type Capacity (L/Cu.Ft) Power Supply (V/Hz) Certificate Cooling Performance
DW-60W138 Chest 138/4.9 220~240/50 CE -60
DW-60W258 Chest 258/9.1 220~240/50 CE -60
DW-60W388 Chest 388/13.7 220~240/50 CE -60
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