LyoQuest frystorkar

LyoQuest frystorkar

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LyoQuest frystorkar

LyoQuest laboratorie frystorkar är designade för att vara multifunktionsenheter inom forsknings och utvecklingsområdet. Det är en liten frystork, mer kompakt än de flesta men trots sin lilla storlek har den en oslagbar kapacitet. Med sitt ”state-of-the-art” styrsystem och en serie speciellt designade tillbehör gör LyoBeta till en riktlinje i sin kategori.

The unit’s design offers outstanding performance in the least possible space; an extremely compact unit for freeze-drying products either in flasks, vials, ampoules or bulk. The base unit is constructed of an epoxy coated steel frame including a refrigeration system and condenser.

The stainless steel condenser can be found inside the equipment. A wide range of accessories can be connected to the condenser, allowing the unit to be flexible by being able to accommodate every individual application perfectly. The special design allows freezing the samples within the same equipment.

The equipment includes a PLC controlled unit with digital display and touch screen for the continuous monitoring of the process. It also provides fully automatic functioning, with the possibility of manual actuation.

The unit is manufactured with a standard configuration and an RS232 interface for connection to a PC via suitable monitoring Lyologger software.

Designed thinking on basic research

  • Unit suitable for laboratories: compact and easy to install.
  • Technical reliability and excellent performance: 8.7 kg condenser capacity.
  • Flexible to use; option for adapter manifolds; option for connection of different types of chambers.
  • Robustness: solidly designed laboratory equipment. On a functional level cooling management ensures optimum performance. Easy to clean. Chamber in stainless steel.
  • Reliable operation: control system fully re-engineered with new options.
  • Flexible use: with a touch screen user interface.
  • Possibility to save the work carried out and to export data to other platforms (Excel) with the LyoLogger data acquisition software.
  • Double stage vacuum pump with gas ballast and safety valve to isolate the pump from the system, so avoiding oil back streaming. An exhaust filter is included in the pump.
  • Refrigerating system. Cascade system. Coil type condenser. The system includes two hermetic compressors with cascade mounting with suitable safety devices. Refrigerating fluids are CFC free.
  • Control unit with digital display and friendly user touch screen.

The LyoQuest laboratory freeze dryer comes in 2 configurations:

  • LyoQuest -55, with a final condenser temperature of -53 ±3°C.
  • LyoQuest -85, with a final condenser temperature of -83 ±3°C, allowing a higher freeze drying speed and much more suitable for working with biological samples or products with very low eutectic or collapse points.

Optimized technical features

  • Easy to start-up and use; plug and play freeze-dryer; Simple electrical connection to the network
  • Condenser at -53 ±3°C and -83 ±3°C, Total condenser capacity: more than 8kg
  • Heating system for the shelves included up to 70C
  • System control by PLC (Siemens) + Touch-screen;
  • Features: condenser temperature, shelves temperature, 2 product temperature, pressure value, process time, alarms & events, recipes,
  • user friendly interface
  • Air cooled for compressors
  • Vacuum pump outside the cabinet

Accessories & Options

  • Chamber with trays
  • Chamber with thermostatic trays and vial closing
  • Chamber with thermostatic trays for bulk material
  • Large chamber with thermostatic trays
  • Auxiliary chamber for manifold connection
  • 8 connection manifold
  • 16 connection manifold
  • 40 connector manifold for small bottles
  • Various bottles and flasks
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