GRANT ap360 Air Purifier – Luftrenare

ap360 Air Purifier – Luftrenare

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GRANT ap360 Air Purifier – Luftrenare

Powerful and innovative design

The ap360 air purifier is the next generation in rapid air purification. Based on Grant Instruments’ core engineering strengths and manufacturing expertise, together with proven science around ultraviolet light (UVC) as a disinfectant, our quiet, high-performance device is an ideal air hygiene solution for clinical settings and businesses. The ap360  air purifier helps you to keep your staff, patients or customers safe from airborne infection, as well as removing aerosols, pollen, dust and other particulates.

Purifies air rapidly

We know that professional users need speed as well as efficiency. The ap360’s powerful fan, coupled with a medical grade, high capacity HEPA13 filter and two powerful UVC lamps, gives you fast and effective air purification. Therefore, you can use the room again much more quickly than if you just let the air settle naturally. For COVID-19 risk reduction, the ap360 is an ideal tool to use in conjunction with surface cleaning, social distancing, PPE and other protective measures.  In commercial settings, the ap360 means you can get more work done and generate more revenue.

Controlled air flow from a powerful 360° vertical system

Thanks to its vertical design and concentric ducts, the ap360 extracts air from every direction and pushes it back throughout the room quickly and efficiently. The innovative design has a fast turbo mode for rapid air cleaning (eg between patients or after a meeting) and an almost-silent whisper mode for background use. The rated air flow capacity of 360 m³ per hour means that the ap360 will recycle the air in a 90 m³ room (about the size of a dental treatment room) four times in an hour, maximising air quality and combating the risks of dangerous airborne pathogens such as COVID-19.

High-end HEPA 13 filter

The 360° air intake draws air in and passes it through a EN1822 standard HEPA13 certified filter to trap particles including aerosol droplets. This also removes dust, pollen, and many other allergens. The fan and filter have been co-designed with a feedback sensor so that as the filter gradually becomes dirty, the fan will compensate to ensure that the air flow from the machine remains at specified levels.  The filter and bulbs have a life of at least one year depending on usage.

Air sterilisation using ultraviolet light

It is well-proven that UVC light destroys viruses and bacteria. It does this by damaging their RNA and DNA, which makes them unable to replicate. This killing effect has been shown in many published studies, and UVC has been used successfully in water and air purification systems for decades. Based on published results in the scientific literature, we know that the ap360 kills 99.95 % of known viruses and bacteria (including coronaviruses) using a UVC dose of at least 280 J/m².

Designed to meet customer demand and give rapid pay-back

We developed the ap360 to meet clinical and business needs for cleaner air. In the post-COVID-19 world, the topic of air hygiene is increasingly important. We applied our engineering expertise to develop a unique solution that gives businesses much better control over their airborne risks, allowing more intensive but safe use of commercial space. In many settings (eg dentists, gyms) an investment in the ap360 pays back within weeks.


Used in many business settings

The ap360 has applications in many industries, including scientific laboratories, dentists, doctors, ophthalmologists, chiropodists, care homes, gyms, hair salons, beauty salons, universities, schools, offices, hotels and much more. We have customers in many of these businesses already.

Flexible pricing and customisation

We recommend one device per room, up to around 36m² (6m x 6m or about 20ft x 20ft). You can order a single device for one room, or you can move it between rooms (on the fitted castor wheels) if you only have intermittent needs in each location. If you need to equip many rooms, or multiple sites, contact us for a specific equipment purchase quote and service proposal. We can also provide all-inclusive annual leasing options for large requirements. We can even personalise the ap360 with your corporate colour scheme, logo, or messaging.


Dimensions (h x d x w) 1050 x 350 x 350mm
Filters Pre-filter H13 (EN1822) efficiency 99.95%
UV radiation source
55W Bactericidal, TU PL-L 55W UV-C
2 UV lamps
UV radiation level 156 uW/cm2/s irradiance value @ 1 meter (Philips)
Radiation type UV (λ = 253.7 nm) – ozone free
User protection from direct UV light required aluminium tube / box section
Lamp service life 9000h
Air flow (m3/hour) 360 m3 /h
D90 dose J/m2 280 J/m2
Fan speed 3 modes & auto
Display LCD-3-16 characters
Timer 1 min – 24 hrs / non-stop
Sound levels <20db low speed – 66db high speed
UV lamp operation indicator YES
UV lamp lifetime counter YES
Lamp fault detection YES
Clock & automatic ON/OFF mode YES
Power supply dual voltage 230V/120V (50Hz / 60Hz)
Area per device Recommend one device per 36 m2 (for 4x per hour air change)
Weight (kg) 13.4
Material metal / plastic
Colour off white
ap360 Air Purifier and Virus killer
Killing COVID-19 in indoor Air
ap360 Product Datasheet





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