Electric laboratory burner

Electric laboratory burner

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Electric laboratory burner

Simple power supply through the electrical connector with an integrated switch for power on / off, no dangerous gas supply and gas leakage.

  • Electrical power supply instead of gas
  • Fast heat up without a flame
  • Highest security operated through an RCD: suitable for education
  • No waste and storage of gas cartridges
  • Continuous power regulation through the optional power regulator
  • Heat protection through the optional glass support: deposition for dishes and flasks
  • Improved heat protection with an improved glass support
  • Clean odorless working in regular atmosphere without a flame

The components need to be ordered separately.

Power supply: 590W / 230V
Dimensions (diam. x H): 125 x 180mm
Weight: 800g
Max. temperature: 900°C
Heated area: diam. 38mm

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