MK2000-2HL- Dry Bath Incubator

MK2000-2HL- Dry Bath Incubator

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MK2000-2HL- Dry Bath Incubator

MK2000-2HL dry bath incubator is a multi-mode product, which integrates precise temperature control, high-quality design, beautiful appearance and patented appearance. It is a product with exquisite appearance, excellent performance, simultaneous heating and constant temperature of 2 modules, PCR thermo lid technology and explosion-proof tube function.

•Accurate temperature control, fast and safe heating – derived from advanced temperature control technology, high-quality precision module processing ensures thermal conductivity

•A variety of modules are available for users to choose, and the modules can also be customized

•Automatic fault detection and alarm function

•With PCR thermo lid technology, double modules and stainless steel cover for explosion-proof tubes

•Touch screen design, simple and intuitive operation. The display can display the temperature and time curve in real time

•Programmable and can store 60 programs, up to 4 groups of temperature points and time can be programmed

•Temperature deviation calibration function, fast heating rate

•Simple PCR experiments can be performed, with temperature and time cycling functions

•Easy module replacement for easy cleaning and sterilization

•Standard configuration is a beautiful and practical tool for extracting modules (handle)

•Simple and convenient operation, optional built-in sensor or external sensor


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