GRANT PSU-10i – skak

Skak Horisontell cirkulär rörelse, frekvens: 50-450 RPM

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GRANT PSU-10i – skak

Microprocessor controlled shaking platform providing smooth and quiet horizontal orbital motion for mixing in bottles, flasks and beakers.

  • Variable shaking speed: 50 to 450 rpm
  • Interchangeable platforms for use with a variety of vessels
  • Loads up to 3 kg
  • Continuous or timed operation with automatic switch-off
  • Reliable direct drive system
  • Automatic load balancing system
  • Soft start feature ensures a smooth ramp-up – avoids potential damage to vessel content
  • Exceptionally quiet motor – consistent even shaking
  • 2-line LCD display clearly indicates both set and actual shaking speed, plus set and elapsed time. Works in combination with simple push buttons for easy set-up
  • Choice of 4 interchangeable platforms to suit different types of vessels – maximum flexibility
  • Low voltage power supply provides for safe cold room operation and low energy consumption
  • Ambient operating temperature range of 4 to 40ºC allows use in cold room or incubator
  • Integral electronic timer with audible alarm and automatic switch-off – accurate repeatability of time sensitive incubations

The four interchangeable accessory platforms enable a wide choice of vessels to be used, including bottles, flasks and beakers, dishes, boxes and petri-dishes.


Suitable for use in different laboratories in microbiology, chemistry, immunology, biochemistry and molecular biology.

GRANT PSU-10i – shaker


Dimensions (h x d x w) 100 x 255 x 255mm
Temperature range 4 to 40ºC
Maximum load 3kg
Orbit ø 10mm
Speed (load dependent) 50 to 450rpm
Display 2-line 16 character LCD
Timer, with automatic switch-off 1 minute to 96 hours
External power supply Input AC 120-230V, 50/60Hz Output DC 12V
Power consumption 10W (0.8A)
Input voltage 12V dc
Weight 3.4kg
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