Drug-Screen® Methylphenidate (MPD) Rapid Test

Drug-Screen® Methylphenidate (MPD) Rapid Test


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Drug-Screen® Methylphenidate (MPD) Rapid Test

Rapid test for urinalysis · Cut-off : 150 ng/mL

Ritalin® is frequently misused in ’brain doping’ – and not for nothing. It enhances mental and physical performance, increases concentrati on, boosts self-confi dence and suppresses hunger, thirst and fati gue. In the mid-1930s it was accidentally discovered that sti mulants enhance the ability to concentrate, calming hyperacti ve children. When the Italian chemist Leandro Panizzon synthesised methylphenidate in 1944, he named the result aft er his wife Marguerite – known as Rita. Although controversial to this day, Ritalin® conti nues to be used in the treatment of attenti on-defi cit/hyperacti vity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. Today, methylphenidate is available in numerous other preparati ons – as a racemic mixture and as pure dexmethylphenidate, the isomer that is mainly responsible for the drug’s pharmacological eff ects. As is not uncommon among sti mulants, methylphenidate’s potenti al for misuse is high.

The nal von minden Drug-Screen® Methylphenidate (MPD) Rapid Test is a competi ti ve immunoassay for the qualitati ve detecti on of methylphenidate in human urine, with a cut-off of 150 ng/mL. The methylphenidate rapid test can be used as an aid in the initi ati on or monitoring of therapeuti c measures. As an in-vitro diagnosti c tool for professional use, the test delivers a visual, preliminary analyti c result.

Your benefi ts at a glance

✔ Detecti on ti me: 1-2 days

✔ Easy to use

✔ Fast and reliable test results in just 5-8 minutes

✔ Minimum shelf life of 11 months

✔ In accordance with DIN EN ISO 15189 for medical laboratories, our cassett e test is also available barcoded for use in reader-based evaluati on

✔ Can also be integrated into multi -test combinati ons

Drug-Screen® Methylphenidate (MPD) Rapid Test

Drug-Screen® Methylphenidate (MPD) Rapid Test


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