SNOL 13/1100 LED – Laboratorieugn 1100°C

300°C, 120 Liter


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SNOL 13/1100 LED – Laboratorieugn 1100°C

High accuracy electric muffle furnace SNOL 13/1100 LED is designed for combustion loss determination (loss on ignition) with the assistance of added balances, which weigh the materials before, during, and after the process. This could also inform about the completion of the process – as soon as the weight ceases to decrease. To eliminate gases or smoke that are released during thermal processing, an exhaust system may be installed additionally. It is used with a variety of materials like, for example, sediment, sludge, soil, waste, or inorganic materials such as cement, lime, calcinated bauxite, and refractories, firing up to 1100°C. The furnace is an excellent fit for scientific laboratories, educational institutions, ceramic studios and is used in medicine and industry.



  • One piece, high thermal efficiency, vacuum-formed ceramic fiber chamber;
  • Heating elements, embedded in a vacuum formed fiber, are inside four walls of the chamber;
  • Outside casing – metal sheet, powder painted grey;
  • Door opens upwards;
  • Door safety interlock switch;
  • Control panel is placed in the underpart of the furnace;
  • Microprocessor – temperature controller;
  • Ceramic bottom plate mounted to a ceramic tube;
  • Fast heating time due to low thermal mass construction;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Good stability and uniformity;
  • 1 year warranty.


  • Balances;
  • Process observation window (o 35 mm) up to 1100 °C;
  • Fan-assisted chimney for air extraction;
  • Additional ceramic hearth plates;
  • Buzzer;
  • Digital timer;
  • Protection against overheating;
  • Data recorder;
  • Data communication/USB;
  • Calibration of temperature measurement system;
  • Table for supporting the furnace;
  • Metal tray;
  • Additional 1 year warranty.

SNOL 13/1100 LED – Laboratorieugn 1100°C

Technical data Dimensions  SNOL 13/1100 LED
Useful volume Liters 13
Rated power not more than kW 1.8
Rated supply voltage V 230
Rated frequency Hz 50
Number of phases 1
Continuous operating temperature °C T+10-1100
Maximum  temperature °C 1100
Working chamber material Fiber muffle
Maximum heating- up time (without charge) Min. 50
Temperature stability in working chamber at rated temperature in thermal steady state without charge not more than ± °C 1
Temperature uniformity in working space at rated temperature in thermal steady state without charge not more than ±°C 10
Furnace working chamber dimensions:
width mm 220
depth mm 335
height mm 170
Furnace external dimensions:
width mm 500
depth mm 690
height mm 877
Mass kg 55
 SNOL SNOL 13/1100 LED – Laboratorieugn
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