Wash water sterialization WWS

Wash water sterilizers, in a word WWS, are used in safety laboratories of step 3 and 4.
Before the waste disposal all solid and liquid goods must be inactivated according to genetic engineering retulation safety regulation.
With WWS we offer you an optimal solution for inactivating of wash water which can directly be placed in your laboratory.

The long and unsafe transport distance to the central sanitation place for example is not necessary.

Both models are equipped with all necessary accessories (contact less warm water wash fitting, stainless steel wash basin and more) for a safe operation.

The sterilizer catches the existing wash water and collects it in the sterilisation chamber. After the max level is reached the sterilization process starts automatically. Of course this can be made by the user at the end of the working day for example. The whole sterilisation process runs fully automatic till recooling and emptying of the chamber.

Overview Wash Water Sterilizers WWS

Wash water sterilizerWWS 30twinWWS 60WWS 60 twin
Outer dimensions (WxHxD) [mm]1350x1430x750600x1500x7501400x1430x750
Useful volume [liters]2×30602×60
Operating pressure abs [bar]5
Heating capacity [kW]2×692×9
Permissible operating temperature140°C
Washing water sterilizer WWS 30
Washing water sterilizer WWS 30 twin

Waste water sterilizer AWS 60 | AWS 125

Wastewater decontaminationAWS 60AWS 125
Outer dimensions (WxHxD) [mm]600x1300x750800x1800x800
Useful volume [liters]80100
Operating pressure abs [bar]44
Heating capacity [kW]92×9
Permissible operating temperature140°C140°C
Wastewater sterilizer AWS 60

Technical Highlights::

  1. Integrated exhaust air filtration
    1. suitable for S2 and S3 areas
    2. Can be sterilized inline to prevent the spread of germs
    3. Retention rate gases <0.1µm
    4. Variant with 2 exhaust filters available according to ABAS
  2. Customized versions
    1. Plants can be installed directly in the laboratory
    2. Available with eye shower and touchless soap and disinfectant dispenser
    3. Connection to air conditioner for condensate sterilization possible
  3. Continuous operation in the “twin process
    1. Over 2 pressure vessels in alternating operation
    2. Fully automatic process sequence with automatic startup
    3. Message for available residual volume of 10 liters before the tank is completely filled


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