Eppendorf – CCCadvanced® FN1 motifs Cell Culture Dishes

CCCadvanced® FN1 motifs Cell Culture Dishes

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Eppendorf – CCCadvanced® FN1 motifs Cell Culture Dishes

Cultivating iPSCs, MSCs, primary cells or other ECM-dependent cells? Tired of lot-to-lot coating media variation/validation, tedious preparation and increased contamination risk? How about a defined synthetic, xeno-free surface for stable long-term expansion of your stem cells?CCCadvanced® FN1 motifs cell culture dishes are ready-to-use. They can be also used under restrictive culture conditions (serum- and xeno-free media).
CCCadvanced FN1 motifs consumables are classical Eppendorf Cell Culture Consumables, additionally coated with a defined synthetic animal- and human-component-free substrate. The substrate (RGD-derived motifs with optimized steric configuration) is designed to mimic the cell attachment site of native ECM.Learn more about cultivation of human iPSCs and MSCs on FN1 motifs and smart features of our cultureware below.

iPSCs: Efficient long-term expansion in a completely synthetic culture system

› Supports efficient long-term hiPSC expansion in a completely defined, animal-, and human-component-free culture system for 25 passages
› Consistent and robust growth rate
› Typical morphology remains stable (Fig. 1)
› hiPSCs remain undifferentiated and maintain functional pluripotency
› Maintenance of trilineage differentiation potential after long-term expansion while exhibiting normal genomic integrity
› For further details see Application Note 389 under “Notes & Papers” below

CCCadvanced® FN1 motifs Cell Culture Dishes

MSCs: Animal-component-free expansion of human mesenchymal stem cells

› Supports efficient hMSC proliferation in a completely animal-component-free environment even on long term (up to 10 passages)
› Characteristic morphology (Fig. 2) remains stable for 10 successive passages without signs of replicative senescence
› Stable and robust proliferation rate
› Validated with hMSC from different tissue origins
› Undifferentiated hMSCs retain their multi-lineage differentiation potential after expansion
› For further details see Application Note 390 under “Notes & Papers” below

CCCadvanced® FN1 motifs Cell Culture Dishes

SplashProtect™ ring

Have you ever noticed minor splashes or droplets on the inside of the lid or liquid in the gap between dish and lid?

These seemingly small liquid volumes usually arise from transportation or condensation and can result in a signifi cant contamination risk. The SplashProtect™ ring inside the lid traps liquid and prevents spills and condensation.

CCCadvanced® FN1 motifs Cell Culture Dishes

Grip safe, stack safe – stay in control

Gripping a lid-covered vessel with gloved hands can be a challenge. Sometimes, you lift the lid instead of the vessel, risking contamination. Maybe you even drop the vessel because it is not properly gripped. Avoid this with the gripping aids on Eppendorf Cell Culture Dishes and Plates.

CCCadvanced® FN1 motifs Cell Culture Dishes

Eppendorf – CCCadvanced® FN1 motifs Cell Culture Dishes

Brochure – Seed. Proceed. Reproduce.
Flexible and Xeno-Free hiPSC Culture System
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