DW-86L729, Lågtemperaturfrys, Low Energy ULT Freezer-LCD Touchscreen, -86/-40°C, 729 Liter

Low Energy ULT Freezer-LCD Touchscreen, -86/-40°C, 729 Liter


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DW-86L729, Lågtemperaturfrys, Low Energy ULT Freezer-LCD Touchscreen, -86/-40°C, 729 Liter

Haier Biomedical Salvum brand of ULT freezers has been designed to deliver energy savings and reduced carbon footprint. This range uses environmentally safe hydrocarbon refrigerants and high efficiency fan motors to maximize the cooling ability of the system and reduce energy consumption. While providing sample safety, the freezer design makes energy savings possible for laboratories.

Product Features

Large Intelligent LCD Screen Visual Management

10-inch high-performance LCD capacitive screen, sensitive touch operation; intuitive display of inside temperature, ambient temperature, input voltage and other data and temperature curves.

Inventory Management System

● The single version of the inventory management allows users who do not have a racking system within the freezer to easily record item locations, entry and exit records.

● In instances where customers use racking systems, the optional professional version of the inventory management is available. Freezer racks, boxes, and vials can easily record item locations and entry and exit records, facilitate item inventory and statistics, realize multi-screen interaction and reduce errors through secondary verification.

● The freezer comes with the single version as standard.

Equipped with Multiple Interfaces

● Standard USB interface, capable of storing data for 10 years● Standard remote alarm terminal RS485 port

Multiple Options for Safe Management and Control Systems

Standard password lock, optional fingerprint module, punch card module, face recognition, realizing safe and secure multi-user management.

Optional IoT System Realizes Real-time Monitoring

The IoT APP can monitor the operating status of the equipment anytime and anywhere. Equipped with multiple alarm functions and able to self-diagnose system faults to ensure sample safety. (Contact your local area representative to check local availability.)

Safe and Secure with Multiple Alarms

Multiple alarm functions include high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, sensor error alarm, power failure alarm, low battery alarm, door ajar alarm and high ambient temperature alarm.

Precise Temperature Control Ensures Safe Storage

Adjustable temperature set-point between -40ºC ~ -86ºC and the ability to monitor temperature curves in real time, equipped with sophisticated temperature safety alarm system to ensure product safety.


Model Cabinet Type Capacity (L/Cu.Ft) Power Supply (V/Hz) Display Inner Doors Certificate Exterior Dimension (W*D*H) Net/Gross Weight (approx)
DW-86L419 Upright 419/14.8 220~240/50 LCD 2 CE 830*980*1980(mm), Interior Dimension (W*D*H)465*716*1310(mm) 255/286(kg), 562.2/630.5(lbs)
DW-86L579 Upright 579/20.4 220~240/50 LCD 4 CE 903*980*1960(mm), Interior Dimension (W*D*H)620*716*1310(mm) 300/330(kg), 661.4/727.5(lbs)
DW-86L729 Upright 729/25.7 220~240/50 LCD 4 CE 1049*980*1980(mm), Interior Dimension (W*D*H)766*716*1310(mm) 350/385(kg), 771.6/848.8(lbs)
DW-86L829 Upright 829/29.2 220~240/50 LCD 4 CE 1153*980*1980(mm), Interior Dimension (W*D*H)870*716*1310(mm) 380/410(kg), 837.7/903.9(lbs)
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