ULUF15 – Lågtempfrys / Ultrafrys, Skåp, -90°/-40°C, 7 liter

Ultrafrys, Skåp, -90°/-40°C, 7 liter

Med dubbla separata kylsystem. Backup system som håller -70°C tills ev. problem är löst.

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Frågor om ULUF15 – Lågtempfrys / Ultrafrys, Skåp, -90°/-40°C, 7 liter?

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ULUF15, -86°C Lågtempfrys / Ultrafrys (-90°C) Volym 7 liter

ULT benchtop/undercounter freezer

The ULUF 15 will add a new dimension to your laboratory. The freezer can be used as either a benchtop or undercounter model. The compact space-saving design and low noise level makes it a perfect storage solution for your laboratory. The ULUF -86°C series is produced with the true and original single compressor technology.

  • Upright
  • Capacity (L) 7 L.
  • Range -40 / -86 °C


Main features

Single compressor technology with a simple structure that ensures easy maintenance, lower heat dissipation, low energy consumption, and noise reduction.
Thanks to our newly developed noise reduction technology, we are able to reduce the noise level drastically, for a more pleasant work environment.
Filterless construction prevents dust from blocking the airflow and reduces the unit’s ability to dissipate heat effectively, which minimizes maintenance procedures.
Direct cooling features evaporator coils in each shelf to cool each compartment directly for maximum uniformity and minimal recovery time.
A heated door frame prevents ice from building up around the gasket securing a stable and uniform temperature inside the freezer.
Arctiko can proudly confirm that we are 100% HCFC & CFC free, and we aim to use the most environmentally friendly solutions in our products.

•Why you should choose a ULT undercounter freezer

  Main specifications

Item code dai 1390
Temperature range (°C) -40 / -86 °c
Max. ambient temperature (°C) 25
Capacity (L) 7
Exterior dimensions WxDxH (mm) 400x630x665
Interior dimensions WxDxH (mm) 150x143x310
Weight (KG) 38
Insulation (mm) 120
Cooling technology single system / static
Controller model / probe type arctiko g 214® / pt 1000
Power supply (V) 230
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Power consumption (KWH/24H) 6,5
AMP (A) 2,8
Power (Watt) 467
Horse Power (HP) 3/8

Display / Data / Alarm

Alarm display as text – not codes yes
Visual / Acoustic Alarm yes / yes
Power failure alarm yes
Ajustable high/low temperature alarm: yes / yes
Open door alarm yes
Probe failure alarm yes
Low battery alarm yes
Compressor failure alarm no
Voltage free contact for remote alarm (e.g. GSM alarm module) yes
Electronic data logger yes
RS 485 port 1
USB port for software update & data download yes
Temperature chart recorder optional
Display type 4,3″ with touch buttons
Number of optional reference probes 2
Password protection for turning unit on/off yes
Temperature graph on display yes

Other features

Automatic defrost no
Antifreeze function no
Vaccum release port no
Access port for external probe etc. (Int. diameter mm) 12
Light no
Lock with key yes
Castors (total pcs) / castors with brake (pcs) no
Fixed feet (pcs) / levelling feet (pcs) 0 / 4
Sub lids or inner doors (pcs) 1
Reversible doors (pcs) no
Fixed shelves (pcs) / adjustable shelves (pcs) no
Max. no. of shelves (pcs) / recommended max. no. of shelves (pcs) no
Max load per shelf (kg) no
Adjustable drawers (pcs) no
Max. no. of adjustable drawers (pcs) no
Max. load per adjustable drawer (kg) no
Max. no. of blood bags – by max. no. of adj. drawers (pcs) no
Max. no. of blood bags – by standard no. of adj. drawers (pcs) no
Basket (pcs) no
Max. no. of baskets (pcs) no
Max. load per basket (kg) no
Total capacity of 50 mm boxes 9×9 didviders (pcs) 5
Total capacity of 75 mm boxes 9×9 didviders (pcs) 3
Total capacity of 96 mm boxes 9×9 didviders (pcs) 2

Refrigerant & Cabinet

Number of compressors 1
Refrigerant ep 88
Interior cabinet material stainless steel
Exterior cabinet material painted steel
Colour (exterior cabinet) white
Foam agent polyurethane
VIP vacuum insulated panels no


Shipping weight (kg) 54 kg
Shipping dimensions WxDxH (cm) 77x48x89
Shipping volume (m³) 0,33


Produktblad Lågtempfrys ULUF15
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Why you should choose a ULT undercounter freezer


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