KKP750 SMART PRO – Klimatkammare / Klimatskåp, 749 liter

Klimatkammare / Klimatskåp 749 liter

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KKP750 Smart Pro – Klimatkammare Volym 749 liter

  • Standard equipment KKP 750

    • temperature range without humidity 0…+70°C (max 20°C below ambient temp.)
    • temperature range with humidity +5…+70°C (max 20°C below ambient temp.)
    • chamber capacity 749 liters
    • working capacity 749 liters
    • quality control protocol (at +25°C, 60%rH)
    • instruction manual in English and menu in various languages
    • over temperature protection 3.3 class according to DIN 12880
    • open door alarm
    • LAN port and USB port
    • access port to enter an external sensor (Ø30 mm) on the left side of the unit
    • container for deionised water 6l
    • door lock
    • Stainless steel wire shelf (INOX)
    • double doors (external full, internal glass)
    • Wi-Fi communication
    • LAN cable
    • LabDesk software
    • available controllers: Smart PRO

The innovative Peltier technology in the Climatic Chambers KKP

Peltier technology in KKP series provides stable, silent, vibration free climatic conditions, keeping superior temperature variation and fluctuation, and it’s space-saving. The tests performed at a temperature close to the ambient temperature shows the impressive economy of the heating and cooling concept with Peltier thanks to which KKP doesn’t require any refrigerant and is therefore nearly maintenance-free. Due to the fact that the efficiency of Peltier appliances in certain conditions is much better than of climate chambers with refrigerant dependent cooling systems, the KKP 240 makes a significant contribution to improving the climate balance.


  • Stability tests according to ICH Q1A
  • Breeding of certain insects, mice
  • Plant cultivation

Humidification with a steam generator

The KKP constant climatic chambers with a steam humidifier do not emit ultrasounds and therefore allow insects breeding (e.g. Drosophila melanogaster). Compared to the KK chambers, they feature an extended temperature and humidity range and can be used for tests of electronics, plastic or building materials.

Steam humidifier in the KKP models is an energy-saving solution based on an aluminum heating block and a peristaltic pump controlled by a stepper motor. This humidifier has a very fast heating time and enables the dosing of precisely measured amounts of water. Operation in ECO mode (the block heats up only when it detects the need for dosing moisture to the chamber) saves energy.



How does work Peltier cooling-heating system?



Diagram temperature-humidity range

Labteamet_Pol-Eko_KKP-Climatic-Chambers-2  Climate testing points according to ICH Q1 A (R2) Guidelines.

Options Smart PRO

Order number: */A door with viewing window
Order number: */P INOX Stainless steel wire shelf INOX
Order number: */PP Perforated shelf
Order number: */PW Reinforced shelf
Order number: KUW GN*/* Stainless steel cuvettes
Order number: GNZ Internal socket
Order number: KK/CP Low water level sensor
Order number: BRT/*/L or IQ/OQ/PQ Calibration and IQ, OQ, PQ qualification
Order number: BPP 12 Battery backup for display
Order number: PORT ALARM  Dry alarm contact
Order number: OCZ/20 Non-standard access port 20 mm
Order number: OCZ/30 Additional access port 30 mm
Order number: OCZ/60 Non-standard access port 60 mm
Order number: OCZ/100 Non-standard access port 100 mm
Order number: KD Access control

Technical data Smart PRO

air convection forced
chamber capacity [l] 749
working capacity [l] 749
controller microprocessor PID
display 7″ full colour touch screen
Working temperature range without humidity [°C] 0…+70 (max 20°C below ambient temp.)
Temperature variation (spatial) at 40°C [+/-°C] ±0,2
Temperature fluctuation (time) at 40°C [+/-°C] ±0,1
Working temperature range with humidity [°C] +5…+70 (max 20°C below ambient temp.)
temperature resolution every … [°C] 0,1
Temperature variation (spatial) at 40°C, 75% RH [°C] ±0,2
Temperature fluctuation (time) at 40°C, 75% RH [°C] ±0,1
Temperature variation (spatial) at 25°C, 60% RH [°C] ±0,2
Temperature fluctuation (time) at 25°C, 60% RH [°C] ±0,1
temperature protection class 3.3 to DIN 12880
relative humidity range [%] 10…90 (see chart for details)
humidity resolution every … [%] 0,1
Humidity variation (spatial) at 40°C, 75% RH [+/-%RH] < ±1,0
Humidity fluctuation (time) at 40°C, 75% RH [+/-%RH] ±0,3
Humidity variation (spatial) at 25°C, 60% RH [+/-%RH] ±0,8
Humidity fluctuation (time) at 25°C, 60% RH [+/-%RH] ±0,4
Recovery time to set values after 30 sec door open at 40°C, 75% RH [min] 23
door type 1 external solid door, 1 internal glass door
Smart PRO acid-proof stainless steel to DIN 1.4301
IG Smart PRO acid-proof stainless steel to DIN 1.4301
Smart PRO powder coated sheet
IG Smart PRO stainless steel linen finish
overall dims [mm] /1/
width A 1400
height B 1580
depth C 1040
internal dims [mm]
width D 1040
height E 1200
depth F 600
shelves (standard | max) 3 | 16
max shelf workload [kg] /2/ 100
max unit workload [kg] 140
External water tank capacity [l] 6
weight [kg] 233
voltage** 230V 50-60Hz
nominal power [W] 2700
warranty 24 months

all the above technical data refer to standard units (without optional accessories)
* – variation (K) calculated for chamber as: K= +/- (T average max. – T average min.) / 2
** – other power supplies on request
1 – width doesn’t include shelve for water tank – 140mm
2 – fluctuation measured in centre of the chamber

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Constant climatic chambers KKP


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