Pol-Eko – Ozone generator GO24

Pol-Eko – Ozone generator GO24


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Pol-Eko – Ozone generator GO24

An ozone generator, also called an ozonizer, is a device for producing ozone. It is extremely useful for cleaning and refreshing the air.

Ozone generator is an indispensable tool for air disinfection and refreshment. Ozone can eliminate pollution and kill many various microorganisms, as it has antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. It also deals with odor, completely neutralizing it.

Basic features of Ozone generator GO24

  • Environmental conditions: for internal use
  • controller with the possibility of setting a delay of launching generator
  • Maximum continuous operating time: 90min
  • Minimum rest period after 90 min. cycle: 20min
  • Maximum cubic capacity of sterilized areas: 165 m3
  • Maximum cubic capacity of the sanitized room: 330 m3


An extremely useful and effective method for cleaning and refreshing interiors. The device produces ozone, which as a gas fights different types of microorganisms and bacteria in our environment. It is worth mentioning that the ozone produced has a strong viricidal, bactericidal and fungicidal effect. The equipment is particularly recommended for the hotel industry, but also for schools, kindergartens, hospitals, restaurants and many others.


Stand for ozone generator

Order number: GO 24/ST

Stand for the GO 24 ozonator, on castors, with a telescopic lift, height up to 1,90 m

controller microprocessor
display LED
housing stainless steel polished
overall dims [mm]
width A 201
height B 203*
depth C 249
weight [kg] 2,8
ozone generation efficiency [g/h] 24
generator service life [h] 1 000
fan capacity [m3/h] 122
operating temperature [°C] +10…+40
humidity during operation [%] < 80
power cable length [m] 3
voltage** 230 V 50 Hz
nominal power [W] 120
warranty 24 months
manufacturer POL-EKO

* height with handle

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Produktkatalog – Pol-Eko


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