Heating Shaker CBS-350

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Heating Shaker CBS-350

Interval mix function in program mode can be properly set according to user’s experimental conditions.


  • Microprocessor PID control ensuring consistent shaking motion and precision accuracy.
  • Wide speed range from 150 to 1500 rpm (block dependent)
  • Automatic temperature calibration.


  • Bright VFD display with responsive touch buttons.
  • Memory function of programs allowing relevant parameters (such as temp., rpm, time) of each program step to be stored.
    – Up to 10 programs allowed for memory storage.
    – Up to 10 steps allowed for each program.
    – Interval mix function (continuous switching between shaking and phasing)
  • Advanced dual wait on/off timer modes.
    – User can set timer to starts immediately after the timer setting or only after reaching the set temp.
  • Optimal heat transfer is achieved by the tight coupling design of the main body and the corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum blocks.


  • Self-diagnostic function identifying errors.
  • Its polypropylene main body is highly chemical-resistant and easy-to-clean.
  • Low-profile design with rubber feet for minimal vibration and noise.
  • Over-current protection.
Model CBS-350
Control PID feedback control
Display VFD (0.1℃ resolution)
Temperature Range (℃/℉) Amb. +5 to 100 / 41 to 212
Fluctuation at 80℃ (±℃/℉) 0.3 / 0.9
Variation at 80℃ (±℃/℉) 0.7 / 0.27
Heating power (W) 360
Safety Over temp. Heating plate
Over current Current limit protection
Shaking system (WxDxH) Motion type Orbital
Speed range (rpm) 96-well tube block 150 to 1500
0.5㎖tube block 150 to 1000
1.5㎖tube block 150 to 1000
15㎖tube block 150 to 900
Ø12 tube block 150 to 850
Ø13 tube block 150 to 850
50㎖tube block 150 to 800
Orbit size (mm / inch, dia.) 2 / 0.08
Dimension (WxDxH) Body 1) (mm / inch) 249 x 325 x 120 / 9.8 x 12.8 x 4.7
Net weight (Kg / lbs) 8.3 / 18.3
Electrical requirements (230V, 50Hz / 60Hz) 1.7A
Cat. No. AAHJ4015K
Electrical requirements (120V, 60Hz) 3.4A
Cat. No. AAHJ4013U

※ Permissible environmental conditions: temperature (5-40°C) and relative humidity (up to 80%).
1) Main body dimension without accessories.

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