Hydrolab – Vattenrening – Technical 60

Hydrolab – Vattenrening – Technical 60

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Hydrolab – Vattenrening – Technical 60

TECHNICAL series demineralizers are widely used tap water treatment systems that retain 96-99% of organic and inorganic impurities dissolved in water. They are mainly used as a source of water for dishwashers, autoclaves, batteries, climatic and salt spray chambers as well as for general laboratory activities.

– Fed by water.
– Water purification process levels:
• sediment pre-filter 5µm,
• carbon filter,
• reverse osmosis.
– Device efficiency min. 60-62 dm3/h.
– Retention level: 97-99%.
– Color display screen with a Touch Panel.
– Measuring conductivity and temperature of feed water and after reverse osmosis.
– May be used for mediums, buffer solutions, reagents, can supply other laboratory devices: washers, analyzers, autoclaves, Ultra systems etc.
– Fed by cold water: 5-40ºC.
– Power supply: 230V/50Hz.

Technical specification:

• Works under tap water pressure.
• Water purification process levels:
– sediment pre-filter 5µm,
– activated carbon filtration,
– reverse osmosis.
• Device efficiency: 60 dm3/h.
• Equipped with a pump (increasing the feed water pressure) with automatics.
• Retention level: 97-99%.
• Unattended and automated.
• Equipped with a nozzle with a minimum range of 2 meters.
• Mobile, adjustable inox arm holding water collection points – available adjustment ranges: up/down, front/back, left/right
• Optional installing with a pressure tank.
• Automatic system shutdown when the tank is full or the filtrate valve is closed.
• May be used for making a demi water network with several water intake points.
• Maintenance procedures may be performed by the user (easy disposables replacement).
• Fed by cold water: 5-400C.
• Energy consumption up to 70W.
• Power supply: 230V/50Hz.
• Can be installed by the user.
• Acid-proof stainless steel (inox) housing.
Dimensions: 275x470x570 mm

Hydrolab – Vattenrening – Technical 60
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