Hydrolab is a company that designs, produces and provides service of water purification systems for laboratory purposes.

Hydrolab is a leader on some european markets when it comes to water purification systems production. For over 20 years Hydrolab has been introducing and implementing the newest technologies of water purification by mechanical filtration, adsorption, iron removal, softening, membrane technologies (reverse osmosis, microfiltration, nanofiltration,ultrafiltration),as well as usage of 185nm and 254nm UV radiation and deionization.

In our offer we have more than a hundred models of water purification systems. On the basis of our experience and research, we designed and developed three series of demineralizers: TECHNICAL, HLP and SPRING, which are as an ideal solution suiting all of the requirements of a modern laboratory in areas of ultrapure water supply. We also made a variety of unique and innovative solutions, that extend our standard offer. These are: BASIC, ULTRA, R, TECHNICAL PLUS and industrial systems: SPRING, TECHNICAL. Demineralizers may be used in analytical laboratories, as well as in dental operating rooms, beauty salons, and such industries
as: electronic, food, chemical, pharmaceutical etc.

Hydrolab offers complex services of supplying laboratories with the highest quality water, giving advices in matters of a demineralized water supply – providing support from planning to installation (with a full IQ, OQ, PQ documentation). The company has implemented the ISO 9001:2015 quality management certificate in areas of design, production and service of water purification systems, which guarantees a high quality of our products and services.

Clean water is the most important chemical reagent in a laboratory. Hydrolab offers systems producing water fitting the parameters of every water purity class, specified in PN- -EN ISO 3696:1999, ASTM, CLSI, FP standards. The quality of water in a modern laboratory, depending on its usage, should remain unchanged and proper, and its parameters (for example conductivity and temperature) should be constantly monitored. Basic standard of water quality in force in Poland are PN-EN ISO 3696:1999 for analytical laboratories, and Farmakopea Polska IX for pharmaceutical. The PN-EN ISO 3696:1999 standard describes three classes of water purity:

Class 1
Water without diluted contamination (colloidal ionic or organic), meeting the most strict analytical requirements, including a high-performance liquid chromatography. It is advised to obtain it from second purity class water, treating it with further processes (filtering through 0,2 μm membrane for substance removal, or double distillation in a quartz apparatus).

Class 2
Water with very low non-organic, organic and colloidal contamination. Should be obtained by a deionization or deionization forwarded by a reverse osmosis.

Class 3
Water for general purposes, used for „wet” chemical tasks. Obtained by a single distillation, a deionization or a reverse osmosis.


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