Hydrolab – Filtreringstjänster för rent vatten. Vi erbjuder olika filtreringsprocesser för att säkerställa högkvalitativt vatten, inklusive borttagning av överskott av järn, minskning av hårdhet, borttagning av organiska föreningar och fasta ämnen, med hjälp av våra mekaniska och membrantekniker.

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Hydrolab – Iron removal filtration

Labteamet_Iron removal filtration_Hydrolab

Iron removal filtration is an important step in water purification. Excess iron in water has a big impact on our body. It can cause digestive system disorders, promote tooth decay and cause skin irritation. Under the influence of solutions and atmospheric factors, iron corrodes. This phenomenon consists in oxidation to Fe2 + and […]

Hydrolab – Softening filtration

Labteamet_Softening filtration_Hydrolab

Water hardness is the sum of magnesium and calcium ions that occur in all possible combinations. Table 1 presents the main distribution of water hardness. General hardness by cations General hardness by anions   carbonate hardness non-carbonate hardness calcium hardness Ca(HCO3)2, Ca(OH)2, CaCO3 CaSO4, CaCl2, Ca(NO3)2 magnesium hardness Mg(HCO3)2, Mg(OH)2, MgCO3 MgSO4, MgCl2, Mg(NO3)2 […]

Hydrolab – Activated carbon bed filtration


Function The main task of activated carbon in water purification is the removal of chlorine, its derivatives, organic compounds and substances that are responsible for the bad taste, color and smell of water. [1] Replacement  The large surface and high porosity of activated carbons, as well as the material retained on it, create a […]

Hydrolab – Mechanical filtration


Mechanical filtration, also known as preliminary filtration, is the oldest method of water purification. It is the first essential element of water treatment. Mechanical filtration is to remove all suspensions and solids from water. This process protects other devices that treat water and installations against silting and mechanical damage. Pre-filtration prepares tap water for […]

Hydrolab – Membrane techniques


Membrane techniques allow for the separation of impurities with particle and particle dimensions at the molecular or ionic level. These are processes new, and their rapid development has been observed in recent years. Progress in research, in the development of membrane techniques make their application in environmental protection real technically and economically advantageous. Membrane […]

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