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Shaker (General), OS-7100/7200

Powerful driving system with a durable body structure increases shaking capacity.


Control panel


Various accessories installable


Computer interface


  • Microprocessor PID control.
    – Intelligent speed controller enables reproducible results.
  • Shaking speed calibration enables matching the displayed rpm to the reference point.
  • Competitive high shaking speed up to 500 rpm.
  • Orbital shaking motion in various diameter.
    – 25.4mm for OS-7100
    – 50.8mm for OS-7200
  • Wide speed range even with heavy workload.
    – Ideal DD(Direct Drive) Brushless Motor and triple cam system support heavy load, quiet, maintenance free operation and deliver high torque at high speeds and smooth rotation. (for OS-7100/7200)
  • Best effort run function intelligently manages its rpm to keep shaking even workload is out of its capacity.
    – Automatic shaking speed adjustment in case of excessive workload such as unbalanced load placement, unusual vibrations caused from unstable floor or external shock.
  • Pleasant test environment by the smooth acceleration and deceleration control.
    – Smooth start and smooth stop function prevent chemical spills from flasks or test tubes.
  • Low-profile design minimizes vibration or sliding caused by the high speed shaking motion.


  • User friendly control panel.
    – Lab Companion’s unique VFD-bright, clear, easy to read.
    – Durable membrane touch switch and control knob.
  • Easy-set digital timer. (1 min. to 999 hr. 59 min.)
  • Repetitive task can be easily performed as the platform stops where it starts.
    – Stopping the shaking platform always at the same position is highly beneficial for automated dosing or sampling process.
  • Speed is basically set and displayed in increments of 1 rpm. Also speed increment interval can be set among 1, 5, 10 rpm according to users preference.
  • Built-in RS-232 port and USB port for external control and data collection.
  • Variety of accessories are available to meet application demands.
  • Monitor via mobile app anytime, anywhere with LC Connected (mobile monitoring system) connection. (when purchased LC GreenBox)


  • Automatic run after power interruption.
  • Shaking speed deviation alarm.
  • Over-current protection
Model OS-7100 OS-7200
Shaking system

Motion type

Orbital Orbital
Speed range (rpm) 30 to 500 30 to 300
Max. speed per
permissible load 1)
500rpm (max. 10 kg)
400rpm (max. 30 kg)
300rpm (max. 23 kg)
250rpm (max. 35 kg)

Amplitude size
(mm / inch, dia.)

25.4 / 1

50.8 / 2

Speed stability 2) (rpm, %)



Timer (count-down)

9999hr 59min

999hr 59min

Platform (W×D) (mm / inch)

755 x 520 / 29.6 x 20.5

Body 1) (W×D×H) (mm/inch)

755 x 627 x 151 / 29.7 x 24.7 x 5.9

Net weight (Kg / lbs)

117 / 257.9

Electrical requirements (230V, 50 / 60Hz)


Cat. No. AAH3D1415K AAH3D1515K
Electrical requirements (120V, 50 / 60Hz) 0.8A
Cat. No. AAH3D1465U AAH3D1565U

1) In Orbital Shaking mode, Regarding the maximum controllable RPM and amplitude by weight, the measurement is performed based on the default value.

2) Actual rpm allowable error for set rpm is 1rpm if setting is less than 100 rpm, ±1% if setting is higher than 100rpm.

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