Eppendorf – Deepwell Plates

Deepwell Plates

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Eppendorf – Deepwell Plates

Eppendorf Deepwell Plates 96 and 384 are high performance plates fulfilling highest requirements of all manual and automated applications. They combine innovative features, like the OptiTrack® matrix, with thoroughgoing quality for which Eppendorf consumables are globally known as a premium standard.

Eppendorf Deepwell Plates 96 and 384 are high-performance plates for all manual and automated applications – from sample storage at -86 ºC to DNA denaturation at 100 ºC. Manufactured from pure polypropylene (PP), these plates offer innovative features: More dependability. More efficiency. More stability. The plates are available with a white, yellow, green, or blue border. For easy identification of wells, a high-contrast alphanumeric label is laser-engraved in the border. This OptiTrack® matrix allows you to find your sample up to 30 % more quickly while reducing pipetting errors. With all of these sophisticated features, these plates set new standards in your laboratory.

OptiTrack® well labeling

Our unique and easy to recognize OptiTrack® labeling represents only one of the innovative features of Eppendorf Deepwell and Microplates. The Deepwell Plates are available with white, yellow, green or blue borders with laser–inscribed, high–contrast alphanumeric labeling to easily identify wells. This reduces pipetting errors up to 30 % and makes everyday work simpler and faster. For more information see Application Note 202: Eppendorf Polypropylene Microplates – Fast and secure identification of samples.

Eppendorf Deepwell Plates

RecoverMax® well design

Optimized well geometry for maximum sample recovery and excellent mixing/resuspension properties. The rounded and smoothed design of well corners prevent sample loss and minimize the residual volume. In square-well plates, the smooth contours also reduce capillary effects in well corners (”wicking”) thus minimizing the risk of cross-contamination. For more information see Application Note 145: Eppendorf Plate® Deepwell 96 and 384: RecoverMax®. And also Application Note: Eppendorf Deepwell Plate: Determination of residual volumes during use with the automated pipetting system Eppendorf epMotion®.

Eppendorf Deepwell Plates

Wide variety in line with high robustness and precision for all your application needs:

› Come in 96 and 384 well formats.
› Volumes of 200, 500, 1000 and 2000 µL.
› Eppendorf PCR clean and Sterile purity grades.
› Yellow, Blue, Green, and White frames are available.
› Also available as DNA and Protein LoBind.
› g–Safe®: exceptional centrifugation stability up to 6,000 x g for faster protocols and improved sample quality.
› Raised well rims and smooth surface for reliable closing, even with heat sealing.
› High-quality polypropylene guarantees high resistance to chemicals, mechanical stress and temperature extremes.
› Autoclavable (121 °C, 20 min).
› Manufactured without demoulding aids, softeners or biocides
› Materials which could have a negative effect on bioassays.
For more information see Application Note 56: The best material for original Eppendorf Tubes® and Plates: Properties and chemical resistance of polypropylene. Application Note 146: Eppendorf Plate® Deepwell 96 and 384: g–Safe®.

Eppendorf Deepwell Plates

Eppendorf – Deepwell Plates

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